Abusing Scripture

Abusing Scripture by Manfred Brauch
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Abusing Scripture: The Consequences of Misreading the Bible

Virtually all Christians recognize the centrality of the Bible to their faith. Yet many Christians misquote and misapply Scripture regularly. Often those who are most passionate about the authority of the Bible are at the greatest loss when it comes to understanding its message clearly and applying it faithfully. Professor Manfred Brauch believes this kind of mistaken interpretation and application of Scripture is a detriment to the integrity of our Christian witness and contributes to profound misunderstandings in Christian belief and practice.

In this practical book written with the non-specialist in mind, Brauch identifies and corrects a number of basic errors in the use of the Bible that interpret and apply biblical texts in ways that distort their meaning and message. Chapters explore issues of context, selectivity, consistency, author intent, and other important considerations with an eye toward addressing not just the act of interpretation, but also the attitudes behind the ways we choose to apply Scripture.

Whether you lead a Bible study or small group, are a pastor or Sunday school teacher, are engaged in biblical study at a college or seminary, or are just an everyday Christian who wants to understand how to interpret God's Word well and recognize good interpretation (or the lack thereof) when you encounter it, this important book will be an invaluable guide.

MANFRED BRAUCH (Ph.D., McMaster University) is retired professor of biblical theology and past president of Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is the author of Set Free to Be: A Study in Romans, Hard Sayings of Paul, and a contributor to Hard Sayings of the Bible. Since 2004, Brauch and his wife have done long-term volunteer work in medical missions and theological education in Chile, Russia and Cameroon, West Africa.
Publisher: IVP
Date Published: 2009
Language: English
Pages: 293
ISBN: 978-0830825790
Level: Advanced
Item Number: B635P

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