Case For Female Deacons, A

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A Case for Female Deacons

The subject of "women in ministry" has attracted considerable attention in the past half-century of Western Christianity. While much of the debate has centered around ordination and female pastors, few works have focused specifically on female deacons. A Case for Female Deacons challenges reformed and evangelical Christians to accept the legitimacy of female deacons without getting distracted by the more controversial debate about female pastors. The heart of the book contains a thorough exegesis of key passages and a fascinating look at what the church believed about deacons in centuries past. As a graduate thesis, readers will find a cohesive, logical argument supported by a wealth of scholarly research. As a contemporary work in theology, many complementarians and traditionalists will be challenged to revise their position. The end result is a compelling biblical, theological, and historical case for female deacons.



''Should women be admitted to the church office of deacon? This issue continues to spark lively debate in many reformed and evangelical circles. In this book, Jamin Hübner contributes to the debate by examining the key New Testament evidence, interacting with prominent biblical scholars with logical acuity and exegetical skill, and concluding that Scripture supports the notion of women deacons. This conclusion is then corroborated by a survey of leading figures and movements from church history. This book is a 'must read' for anyone wanting a thorough knowledge of the central issues in this discussion.''
--Mark A. House, Professor of Greek Exegesis, New Geneva Theological Seminary

''Jamin Hübner exposited Romans 1 at our yearly Bible conference a couple of years ago, and we were blessed by his reverent and careful handling of the word of God. I am pleased to see him continue that same approach with regard to the question of female deacons. I heartily recommend A Case for Female Deacons to all Christians who desire a biblically healthy and fully functioning local church.''
--Don Fowler, pastor, Mariner's Reformed Baptist Church --Wipf and Stock Publishers


Jamin Hübner is an American theologian and author from South Dakota. He is a graduate of Dordt College (BA Theology), Reformed Theological Seminary (MA Religion) and the University of South Africa (ThD Systematic Theology), a graduate student in Economic Science at Southern New Hampshire University, and currently serves as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and founding Chair of Christian Studies at John Witherspoon College in the Black Hills. Jamin's areas of interest include New Testament exegesis, bibliology, science and theology, feminist theology and gender studies, libertarian theory, and economics.



Publisher: Wipf & Stock
Date Published: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 104
ISBN: 978-1625648846
Curriculum/study: No
Item Number: B997P

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