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Title Author
1 Corinthians Alan Johnson
1-2 Corinthians
Craig S. Keener
2011 NIV Bible
95 More for the Door Austin H. Stouffer
Abusing Scripture Manfred T. Brauch
Accepted in the Beloved Leslie Ann McKinney
Africa and the Bible Edwin M. Yamauchi
Battered without Bruises: A Survivor’s Story Marjorie Zook
Beyond Abuse in the Christian Home Catherine Clark Kroeger, Nancy Nason-Clark, and Barbara Fisher-Townsend
Beyond the Curse Aída Besançon Spencer
Beyond Reasonable Doubt T. Scott Womble
Beyond Sex Roles
Gilbert Bilezikian
The Bible in Cross-Cultural Perspective Jacob A. Loewen
Bible Women Lindsay Hardin Freeman
Bold Girls Speak
Mary Stromer Hanson
The Book of Womanhood
Amy Davis Abdallah
Bringing Sex Into Focus
Caroline J. Simon
Building the Old Time Religion Priscilla Pope-Levison
Building Your Family to Last
Kari Torjesen Malcom
Call Me Blessed
Faith Martin
Chapters of the Heart
Sue Levi Elwell and Nancy Fuchs Kreimer
Christ the Lord
Anne Rice
Climbing the Dragon's Ladder Andrea Lorenzo Molinari
Coming of Age
David W. Anderson, Paul G. Hill, and Roland D. Martinson
Coming Together in the Twenty-First Century Curtiss Paul DeYoung
A Cord of Three Strands
Linda Raney Wright
Cut Flowers
Snady Willcox with Arina Short
Daughter of the Reformation
Mary Helene Rasmussen Jackson
Daughters of Islam
Miriam Adeney
Discovering Biblical Equality
Ronald W. Pierce and Rebecca Merrill Groothuis
Dismantling the Dualisms for American Pentecostal Ministry
Lisa Stephenson
Equal to Serve
Gretchen Gaebelein Hull
The ESV Study Bible Crossway Bibles
The Eternal Generation of the Son
Kevin Giles
Evangelical Feminism Wayne Grudem
Evangelical Identity and Gendered Family Life
Sally K. Gallagher
James Davison Hunter
Wm. Paul Young



Title Author
The Fall of Patriarchy Del Birkey
Feminist Theology
Natalie K. Watson
Feminist Theology from the Third World
Ursula King
Finally Feminist John Stackhouse
Forgotten Girls Kay Marshall Strom and Michele Rickett
From Bondage to Blessing
Dee Alei
Gender and Grace
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
Gender, Power, and Persuasion Mignon R. Jacobs
Getting Naked Later Kate Hurley
Global Voices on Biblical Equality Aída Besançon Spencer, William D. Spencer, and Mimi Haddad
God Gave Us the Right
Christel Manning
God's Daughters
R. Marie Griffith
God's Women Then and Now
Deborah M. Gill and Barbara Cavaness
Good News about Injustice
Gary A. Haugen
The Gospel of Ruth
Carolyn Custis James
Growing Healthy Asian American Churches Peter Cha, S. Steve Kang, and Helen Lee
Half the Church
Carolyn Custis James
Half the Sky
Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
The Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters Marion Ann Taylor and Agnes Choi
Hearts of Fire
The Voice of the Martyrs
Her Own Story
Paul Wesley Chilcote
Hidden History of Women's Ordination
Linda Lawler
How I Changed My Mind About Women in Leadership
Alan F. Johnson
I Suffer Not a Woman
Richard and Catherine Clark Kroeger
If Eve Only Knew
Kendra Weddle Irons and Melanie Springer Mock
Is God the Only Reliable Father?
Diane Tennis
Is it My Fault?
Lindsey Holcomb and Jutin Holcomb
Jesus and the Feminists
Margaret Elizabeth Kostenberger
Jesus Feminist
Sarah Bessey
Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes Kenneth E. Bailey
The Journey Back to Eden Glen G. Scorgie
Junia, a Woman, an Apostle
David Williams
Junia is Not Alone
Scot McKnight


Title Author
Liberating Tradition Kristina LaCelle-Peterson
Living on the Boundaries Nicola Hoggard Creegan and Christine D. Pohl
Love and War
John and Stasi Eldredge
The Macho Paradox Jackson Katz
Man and Woman, One in Christ Philip B. Payne
Marriage at the Crossroads William and Aída Spencer and Steve and Celestia Tracy
Marriage Made in Eden
Alice P. Matthews and M. Gay Hubbard
A Match Made in Heaven
Wendy Widder
The Meaning of Sex
Dennis P. Hollinger
Men and Women in the Church
Sarah Sumner
Mending the Soul
Steven R. Tracy
The Message of Women Derek and Dianne Tidball
Mirror Mirror Kara Powell and Kendall Payne
My Daughter a Preacher?
Leslie B. Flynn
The New Evangelical Subordinationism?
Dennis W. Jowers and H. Wayne House
A New Man
Luke Reynolds
The New Perspective on Mary and Martha Mary Stromer Hanson
The New Testament in Antiquity Gary M. Burge, Lynn H. Cohick, and Gene L. Green
Not Marked Mary DeMuth
Non-Prophet Murders Becky Wooley
No Stones Marnie C. Ferree
No Time for Silence
Janette Hassey
No Will of My Own
Jon Zens


Title Author
Partners In Christ
John Stackhouse
Partners In Christ
John Stackhouse
Paul's Social Network
Bruce J. Malina
Priscilla's Letter
Ruth Hoppin
The Private World of Mrs. Packard
Barbara Sapinsley
Promise of the Father
Marianne Meye Thompson
Quest for Gender Equity in Leadership, The
KeumJu Jewel Hyun, Diphus C. Chemorion
Raised from Obscurity
Greg W. Forbes and Scott D. Harrower
Real Life Marriage
Tim and Anne Evans
Real Marriage
Mark and Grace Driscoll
The Redemption of Love Carrie Miles
Removing the Veil Margaret English
Responding to Abuse in Christian Homes
Nancy Nason-Clark, Catherine Clark Kroeger, and Barbara Fisher-Townsend
Rise Up
Silvia Rose
Roman Wives, Roman Widows
Bruce W. Winter
Saving Women Laceye C. Warner
Saving Women from the Church
Susan McLeod-Harrison
The Scandal of the (Male) Evangelical Mind Mark Noll
Scars Across Humanity Elaine Storkey
Shattering the Myth of Race
Dave Unander
Shattering Our Assumptions
Miriam Neff and Debra Klingsporn
Silent Voices Powerful Messages
Doretha A. O'Quinn
Single Women: Challenge to the Church? Kristin Aune
Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals
William J. Webb
Social Justice Handbook
Mae Elis Cannon
Some Men Are Our Heroes KeumJu Jewel Hyun and Cynthia Davis Lathrop
Speaking the Truth in Love David Bailey
Submission within the Godhead and the Church in the Epistle to the Philippians M. Sydney Park
A Sword Between the Sexes?
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
The Tie That Binds
Debra White Smith
TNIV Study Bible
Too Heavy A Yoke
Chanequa Walker Barnes
The Trinity and Subordinationism
Kevin Giles
The Trinity in the Gospel of John
Royce Gordon Gruenler


Title Author
The Ultimate Blessing
Jo Anne Lyon
Margot Starbuck
Veiled and Silenced
Alvin J. Schmidt
A Voice of Her Own
Nancy M. Tischler
Western Daughters in Eastern Lands
Rosemary Seton
What Does She Want From Me Anyway?
Holly Faith Phillips
What's Right with Feminism
Elaine Storkey
Who's Tampering with the Trinity?
Millard J. Erickson
Why I Stayed
Gayle Haggard with Angela Hunt
Why We're Equal
Val Webb
Wild at Heart
John Eldredge
Women as Global Leaders
Carol Penner
Women and Men
Faith Wambura Ngunjiri and Susan R. Madsen
Women and Ministry
Dan Doriani
Women as Risk-Takers for God
Lorry Lutz
Women Caught in the Conflict
Rebecca Merrill Groothuis
Women in God's Plan of Redemption
Pat Assimakopoulos
Women in the Church
Carroll Osburn
Women in the Church: A Fresh Analysis of 1 Timothy 2:9-15
Andreas J. Kostenberger, Thomas R. Schreiner, and H. Scott Baldwin
Women in the World of the Earliest Christians Lynn H. Cohick
Women, Men, and the Trinity
Nancy Hedberg
Women, Ministry, and the Gospel
Mark Husbands and Timothy Larsen
Women of Devotion Through the Centuries Cheryl Forbes
A Year of Biblical Womanhood Rachel Held Evans
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