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A subordinationist view of the Trinity has been building for years among complementarians, who have traversed every theological path in teaching that Christian faith has a "masculine feel," and that God is revealed primarily through male leadership. The sum of these efforts is the distortion of every doctrine of systematic theology. This is never more the case than when insisting on the eternal subordination of God the Son to God the Father—a perspective that itself brings enormous disarray to our doctrine of Christ. The recent mutation of the doctrine of the Trinity has inspired much debate and numberous publications, and has now become the theme of this year' Evangleical Theoloigical Society (ETS) convention.

The articles in this journal examine the subordinationist argument and its ramifications. Together, they present a compelling case for the orthodxo view of the Trinity.


On Earth as in Heaven
Mimi Haddad

Trinity, Gender, and the Ordination of Women: How Complementarians Should Not Argue for Their Position
John Jefferson Davis

Crumbling Cathedrals of the Mind: How Eternal Functional Subordination Undermines Transactional Atonement Theory
D. Glenn Butner

An Extended Review of One God in Three Persons: Unity of Essence, Distinction of Persons, Implications for Life
Reviewed by Kevin Giles

One Essence, One Goodness, One Power
Nancy Hedberg

Publisher: CBE
Date Published: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 40
Level: Advanced
Curriculum/study: No
Item Number: ETS16

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