Women, Abuse, and the Bible MP3 Compilation

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Women, Abuse, and the Bible is a compilation of 31 CBE conference recordings related to the topic of abuse.


  • Abuse Awareness and Intervention - Debbie Stafford
  • Abuse in a select population - Elizabeth Phillip
  • Abuse in Marriages - Sandra Morgan
  • Anguish to Reconciliation: Pastoral Care - Joan Winfrey
  • Battered into Submission - Phyllis and Jim Alsdurf
  • Characteristics of the Incestuous Family - Jackie Hudson
  • Christian Men who Hate Women - Margaret Rinck
  • Clergy Sexual Abuse - Diane Langberg
  • Depression in Abused Women - Gay Hubbard
  • Developing a Theology to Combat Domestic Violence - Catherine Clark Kroeger
  • Divorce and Remarriage - Craig Keener
  • Facing Nabal-Men who Abuse - Patricia Warford
  • Gods Word on Rape - Craig Keener
  • Healing-From Victim to Survivor - Anne Chamberlin
  • Impact of Incest on a Womans Image of God - Morven Baker
  • Influence of Patriarchy - Cynthia Ezell
  • Line in the Sand - MaryKate Morse
  • Misogyny and the Church - Eugene Cho
  • Pilot Program Group Intervention - Mary Williams
  • Reclaiming the Beauty of our Sexual Selves - Kristen Komarnicki and Lisa Thompson
  • Reflections on the Use and Abuse of Power in Esther - Deborah Gill
  • Sex in the Clutches of Satan - Kristen Komarnicki and Lisa Thompson
  • Sexual Exploitation and Violence toward Women - Ellen Armstrong
  • Shame and Abuse - Steven Tracy
  • Silent Screams from the Pew - Diane Strong
  • Theological Analysis of Hierarchalism - Joan Tyvoll
  • Transforming Our World-Attitudes About Sexual Harassment Abuse - Esther Mombo
  • Truth in Transformation - Catherine Clark Kroeger
  • Understanding Power and Control in Marriage - Brian Nystrom
  • Violence and Women - Leela Manasseh
  • When Right Becomes Wrong - Melissa Kubitschek
Publisher: CBE
Language: English
Item Number: R740

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Why Gender Hierarchy is at Odds with Christian Faith and How it Leads to Abuse: A Quest for Biblical Justice for Men and Women (MP3)
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